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Metal zipper

Custom #8 O/E Closed End Metal Zipper or Zips Factory

Size: #8, custom Color: custom Sample: Free Sample is available Material: Metal MOQ: 3000 meters Zipper Type: Closed end Place of Origin: China Brand Name: OEM & ODM Teeth Material: Metal Brass Zipper Roll

Custom #8 O/E Closed End Metal Zipper or Zips

#8 Closed end metal zippers are widely used in clothing, bags, leather goods and other products


Closed End Metal Zipper Advantages

1. Fits Right: Size 8 is generally a common zipper size and works well with many types of clothing, bags, and other items. Its size is neither too big nor too small, it is moderate and easy to use and match.
2. Closed-tail design: The two ends of the closed-tail zipper are closed and will not unravel. This makes the zipper stronger and more stable, preventing the zipper puller from accidentally falling off during use.
3. Aesthetics: The shine and texture of metal zippers can add a sense of style and sophistication to items. They can improve the appearance quality of the product, making it look more high-end and textured.
4. Versatility: Size 8 closed-tail metal zippers are one of the more common and versatile zipper types that are easy to purchase and replace. If a zipper is damaged or needs repair, it's relatively easy to find a replacement.

Closed End Metal Zipper






Metal zipper type


Metal zipper 4 opening type


1. Open-end zippers: Also known as detach zippers, their ends can be completely separated. Open zippers are usually used for coats, jackets and other clothes that need to be fully opened to facilitate wearing and taking off.
2. Closed-end zippers: Also known as non-separating zippers, the two ends of the zipper are connected together at the top of the zipper and cannot be completely separated. Closed zippers are commonly found in pants, skirts, and other clothing that needs to be opened at the bottom.
3. Two-way open-end zippers: allows the Two ends to be separated and has a sliding head in the middle that can be opened from above and below. The top and bottom zippers are often used for two-way zippers, such as backpacks or long coats with two-way zippers
4. Two way closed-end metal zipper: Common in clothing where the ends of a zipper are joined together at the top, such as trousers, and the bottom needs to remain fixed.


 Metal Zipper Type




Golden Brass, Brass, Dark Antique Brass, Antique  Brass, Nickel, Dull Nickel, Antique Nickel, Dark Antique Nickel, Antique Copper, Black Oxidized, Shiny Silver, Dull Nickel, Shiny Gold








Application of zippers


One-stop production of webbing, dyeing, mold making, design, etc., plastic, coil, metal zippers of various specifications.



Application of metal zippers






Environmental protection concept


Baoxin has a high degree of environmental awareness. We have a complete environmentally friendly material recycling system to reduce factory waste residues. Not only have the chain elements been fully recycled and non-toxic regenerated cloth belts have also been manufactured using environmentally friendly materials. Currently, some of Baoxin's products have been made from 100% environmentally friendly materials, fully reducing the loss of earth resources and environmental pollution.









Shenzhen Baoxin Zipper Co., Ltd

Company Introduction


Shenzhen Baoxin Zipper Co., Ltd was founded in 1991, the total investment has exceeded RMB 100 million. The factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees, with annual capacity exceeding 200 million meters. It has developed into a large zipper enterprise integrating research, development, design, production, sales and services. The company is currently a director unit of the Zipper Branch of China Hardware Products Association, and the executive vice president unit of the Guangdong Zipper Chamber of Commerce, the executive director unit of the Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Development Promotion Association, the vice president of the Shenzhen Quality Association, and an outstanding enterprise in the zipper industry.
BSL zipper brand has been granted the title of Famous Brand Product in Guangdong Province. BSL products have obtained certifications such as ISO9001-2001 quality management system, OKO-TEX STANDARD 100, as well as HIGG, SEDEX, GRS, and other relevant certifications.



Metal Zipper Certificates


Zipper Factory

Zipper Factory

Zipper Factory 

Zipper Manufacturer

Zipper Manufacturer

Zipper Manufacturer 







QC Flowchart Overview



QC Flowchart Overview

QC Flowchart Overview




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



1. What is the advantage about your company?

30 years experience in zipper industry. The factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters. Has more than 300 employees. With annual capacity exceeding 200 million meters.

The products have passed ISO9001 quality managementsystem certification, OKO-TEXSTANDARD100, environmental certification, HIGGSEDEXGRS. we have integrated development, production, salesand design.

2. Why should I choose your products?

we offer samples for free, you just undertake the charge of delivery, better to provide your DHL account if you have one. If you don't know the specifications of the sample, please kindly tell us what it will to be made, and then we will suggest the available product to you.

Productive Capacity: With advanced equipment and our efficient teamwork, annual capacity that more than 30,000 square meters can be created for all clients.

3. What can be customized?

Materials (Nylon zipper; Plastic zipper; Metal zipper; Waterproof zipper,Ect.) Style (Open End, Closed End, Double Closed End X Type, Double Closed End O Type, Double Open End,Ect.)

Size (#3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10) Color (Customized Color Based On Your Fabric Colors) Customized Zipper Puller (Customized Shape, Size, Logo, Color, Material)