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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How to properly clean zippered items?
When washing zippered items, make sure the zipper is fully zipped, choose the gentle cycle, and use a mild detergent. It's a good idea to place items in a laundry bag to prevent the zipper from rubbing against other items. Avoid using an overheated dryer and choose natural air drying to avoid damage to zippers and itemst.
Why do zippers malfunction?
Zipper failure can be caused by zipper elements coming off the track, damaged teeth, or other structural issues. When a problem is discovered, it is recommended to seek professional repair or replacement of the zipper.
How to prevent zippers from rusting?
Zippers are prone to rust when exposed to moisture for a long time. Avoid leaving items in wet conditions for long periods of time. Cleaning them regularly and keeping them dry can reduce the risk of rust.
Why does my zipper keep getting stuck?
A stuck zipper can be caused by dirt, fibers, or damaged zipper elements. Regular cleaning and using a professional zipper lubricant can solve this problem.
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