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How to identify zipper number and type

May 09,2024 BSL

How to identify the zipper number and type depends on your needs for the zipper and where it will be used. Everyone knows about zippers, but few people know their quantity and types except zipper experts or factories that sell zippers.


First, let’s take a look at the zipper number. Generally, the zipper numbers are 3#, 5#, 7#, 8#, 10#, 12#, 15#, 20# or even 30#, but most of the time, we use 3#, 5. Common ones are #, 7#, 8#, 10# zippers. How to identify the zipper number? We can put the zipper puller on the reverse side and we can see some numbers. For example: 3 means 3# zipper, 5 means 5# zipper, 8 means 8# zipper, etc., but if you can’t find the number at the bottom of the slider base, you can measure the number of zipper teeth. For example: the number of teeth is 4mm for 3# zipper, 5- 6mm is 5# zipper, 7mm is 8# zipper, and 9-10m is 10# zipper. Different zipper pullers require different zipper types. For example, a 7# nylon zipper must be matched with a 7# nylon zipper, a 5# metal zipper must be matched with a 5# metal slider, and an 8# Vislon zipper must be matched with an 8# Vislon zipper head.


zipper type


How to identify the zipper number and type depends on your needs for the zipper and where it will be used. Typically, you can identify this by:


Look for the label on the zipper head: Most zippers will have a label near the zipper head, which may indicate the brand, model, size, and other relevant information of the zipper.


Check the zipper slider: The zipper slider will usually have a brand logo or identification code engraved on it, and sometimes model or series information can also be found. These marks allow you to check the manufacturer's website or other channels for detailed information.


Browse the zipper manufacturer's website: Many zipper manufacturers provide product catalogs and technical specifications on their websites, which you can find by entering the logo or identification code on the zipper.



Measuring the size of your zipper: If you need to know the size of your zipper, you can use a ruler or other measuring tool to measure the length of the zipper and the size of its teeth. This will help you determine the type of replacement zipper you need.

As far as zipper types are concerned, we mainly have three categories: metal zippers, plastic zippers, and nylon zippers. In addition, we also have waterproof zippers, reverse zippers, invisible zippers, fireproof zippers, high temperature-resistant zippers, denim zippers, and special zippers. Zippers, reverse zippers, and invisible zippers are nylon zippers. Fireproof zippers and high-temperature-resistant zippers are special zippers. Denim zippers are metal zippers. Nylon zippers have front and back sides. Generally, it is a front nylon zipper and slider. Reverse nylon zipper, including waterproof zipper, invisible zipper, puller, and reverse teeth.