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How to fix a broken zipper?

Apr 26,2024 BSL

We get these zippered items, The zipper is not flexible, Annoying problems such as the inability to pull apart, popping, missing teeth, etc.

what can we do about it? Baoxin Zipper has compiled some life tips


The Zipper is not Flexible


Clothes, bags, and pants zippers become damp, rusty, or oxidized

Not smooth when pulling

what should we do




If you use a candle to rub the two rows of teeth back and forth a few times and bake them on the fire, it will be very smooth when pulling.


metal zippers


The Zipper Cannot be Opened


A common problem with metal zippers is that they cannot be zipped or opened.

The main reason lies in the zipper puller

After being used for a long time, the distance between the metal pieces will be widened.

what should we do




The repair method is very simple

Just use pliers to clamp it up and down or left and right.


Zipper Burst


If you pull the puller for too long, the diameter will become larger.

what should we do?





Just use pliers to clamp the tail of the slider.

But be careful not to use too much force or clamp it off.

If you want a complete solution, replace the slider.


Zipper Missing Teeth


The zipper is missing teeth

what should we do




Use pliers or a camera to pry open the zipper teeth at the original tail and remove a few teeth.

Installed after tooth loss

Then use pliers to gently press the teeth against the edge of the fabric and bite firmly.