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History of the Invention of the Zipper

Mar 26,2024 BSL

History of the invention of the zipper


In 1891, Whitcomb Judson (1846 ~ 1909) in the United States invented the zipper to solve the inconvenience of the long boots. However, his invention at that time looked very different from the current zipper, called "Clasp-Lockeers" (literally translated as "hook lock"). Initially, he submitted a patent application to the US Patent Office but was rejected. After many modifications, I continued to apply, and finally got two patents in 1893.



In 1893, Jadson exhibited his invention at the World's Columbian Exposition and attracted the attention of lawyer Louis Walker, and was commissioned to manufacture manufacturing equipment and founded the "global zipper company". (Universal Fairner, Inc.), Starting the production zipper.





In 1905, after continuous improvement, Jadeson developed a zipper called "The Original", which is the prototype of the zipper today. Although the appearance of this zipper looks a little weird, in society at that time, it seemed very different, it already had a complete structure that allowed the zipper to work and is the originator of the modern zipper. However, this zipper is not favored by the market because of its bulky, loose hook loop overlap, easy cracking, unsatisfactory movement, and inadequate manufacturing.



In 1913, Gideon Sundback, an American electrical engineer born in Sweden, invented a new zipper based on Jadson's zipper. The protruding and groove structures on each zipper's teeth can match each other. It is very similar to modern metal zippers.



In 1917, Walker and Senbek cooperated to produce a "Hookless No.4" (hookless) zipper. A suit store in Brooklyn, USA applies it to a belt wallet and succeeds. Take this as an opportunity. During the First World War, the U.S. military believed that the zipper could increase the speed of soldiers' dressing. In 1917, it was tested on military uniforms with a zipper with a zipper, which was well received. In 1918, the United States began using zippers on the Air Force flight suits. Since then, the zipper has attracted more potential users.



In 1921, the modern zipper was born. In the United States, B.F.Goodrich Company called "Slide Fusener" for the first time as "Zipper" (zipper). The word "Zipper" soon became popular all over the world. In the Second World War (1939 ~ 1945), the zipper was gradually used on clothing such as pants, skirts, and dresses.