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Common faults and maintenance methods of metal zippers

Apr 17,2024 BSL

Zippers are commonly used on most men's trousers, jackets, and bags. However, it is very common for metal zippers to sometimes malfunction, or they may not open and close smoothly or slide smoothly if they are not used for a long time. Therefore, to keep clothing zippers smooth and functional for a long time, you must learn some common maintenance skills.



There are three types of metal zippers: metal, nylon, and plastic metal zippers. For metal zippers made of aluminum alloy or copper, be careful not to get wet and not come into contact with alkaline and acidic substances during operation and storage to prevent the metal teeth from getting wet, oxidized, and corroded. For nylon and injection molded metal zippers, allow-temperature protection should be taken seriously to prevent deformation. Because its wear resistance, hardness, strength, etc. are not as good as those of metal zippers, you must be more careful when operating them than metal zippers, and you must pull the teeth lightly.


metal zippers

In addition, there are several ways to prevent discoloration of metal zippers:


a. When a metal zipper made of copper alloy (white copper, red copper, brass) is used on metal products or wool products, some of the teeth of the metal zipper will turn black due to metal oxidation. This is because when the leather-cooking agent used to make leather and the processing bleach used in woolen products remain on the product during processing, the gas odor of the product causes discoloration of the metal zipper.


b. The rubber band itself contains sulfide. When the rubber band is used to bind a metal zipper, the metal chain teeth will be vulcanized (blackened).


c. Although anti-rust measures have been taken for the metal zipper pullers that are mounted in advance, since oxidation is a property of metal, to reduce discoloration and scratches, please wrap the metal zipper pullers with copy paper.


Metal zippers are widely used and are useful in astronaut suits, diving suits, escape suits for submarines, mitigation suits, hazard prevention suits, infection prevention suits, etc. If a metal zipper malfunctions during operation, it must be repaired in time. The metal zipper has phenomena such as "detached" or "tilted". You can remove the bad teeth and replace them with new ones, and it can still be operated. When the metal zipper puller is pulled up, the teeth on both sides are not close together, which means that the metal zipper puller has become loose after wear. You can use ordinary tiger pliers to gently clamp the closed end of the metal zipper head horizontally. The metal zipper will immediately become better, and the teeth on both sides will be tightly closed and no longer loose. If the metal zipper head cannot be pulled, it means that the clamping force is too strong and must be readjusted; some metal zippers have teeth missing at both ends. You can isolate the toothed parts, move the metal zipper head inward, and use needle thread to fix the ends to restore them. Sustainable operation; if the teeth of the metal zipper and the metal zipper head are not made of metal, it is generally impossible to repair them if they are broken, so they have to be replaced. Here are some tips for solving metal zippers:


metal zippers


1. Sometimes there are too many tools in the tool bag. If the zipper is closed, the force on the metal zipper is too great, which can easily cause the teeth to separate from the strap. Therefore, the failure of this metal zipper will produce adverse results. Therefore, it is necessary to bring the left and right teeth closer together so that the nylon chain armor can easily pass through and then close the zipper position. This can prevent the zipper from easily malfunctioning.


2. When the metal zipper does not open and close smoothly or slide smoothly, if you do not have the skills to pull the nylon chain head hard, it may cause human bite failure. Here we can teach you common sense, which is to use paraffin wax or lubrication spray on the inside and outside of the gear, and then move the slider regularly several times before it slides loose.


3. When opening and closing a metal zipper, it often appears that the nylon chain head bites the line segment or fabric, making the slider unable to pull. If this phenomenon occurs, and if the nylon slider is forced to be pulled, the consequences may be serious. The deeper the bite, slowly push back the nylon puller on one hand and untie the fabric on the other hand. When it is completely bitten out, what you need to pay attention to here is never to pull the nylon slider vigorously, but to gradually retract the slider, and then not leave any hidden dangers when sewing. This will make the zipper pull much smoother.