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How to make customized zippers of better quality?

Apr 26,2024 BSL

The quality of zippers mainly depends on several aspects:


Materials: Quality zippers are typically made from durable metal (such as stainless steel or copper) or high-strength plastic. Metal zippers are more durable, while plastic zippers are lightweight and less likely to rust.


Teeth: Zipper teeth should be neat, even, and firmly embedded in the zipper tape. The gap between the teeth should be moderate, not too large or too small, to ensure smooth zipper action.


Puller: The slider should be smooth, easy to operate, and not easy to fall off. Metal sliders are generally more durable than plastic sliders.


Zipper tape: Zipper tape should be strong and durable, not easily broken or deformed. In addition, the width of the zipper tape will also affect the quality of the zipper. Generally speaking, wider zipper tapes are more durable.


customized zipper

How to make custom zippers of better quality



Choose quality materials: Make sure to choose durable, high-quality zipper materials such as stainless steel, copper, or high-strength plastic.


Fine design: When designing a zipper, the usage scenario and functional requirements must be taken into consideration to ensure reasonable design, stable structure, and easy operation.


Precision manufacturing: Choose to cooperate with manufacturers or factories that have experience and technical strength. They can provide high-level manufacturing processes and quality control.


Customized details: Pay attention to the details of the customized zipper, such as the design of the slider, the spacing of the teeth, the width of the zipper tape, etc. These details have an impact on the quality and use experience of the zipper.


Quality inspection: Strict quality inspection is carried out during the production process to ensure that each batch of zippers meets quality standards and customer requirements.


customized zipper

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