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What is the difference between resin zippers and nylon zippers?

May 10,2024 BSL

The difference between resin zipper and nylon zipper materials.


Resin zipper: Usually made of plastic resin, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyester resin. This type of zipper is generally stronger, more durable, and more resistant to water and chemicals. They may also be better suited for use outdoors or in environments where they must withstand a certain amount of environmental stress.


Nylon zippers: The teeth and zipper straps of nylon zippers are made of nylon material and are lighter than resin zippers. Nylon zippers are commonly used in clothing, bags, and other lightweight applications because they offer good flexibility and a lightweight feel while still offering some durability.


Nylon zippers

Differences in durability between resin zippers and nylon zippers

Resin zipper: Resin zipper is very durable, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and deformation-resistant. They are less prone to breaking or damaging than nylon zippers, making them suitable for rough use and outdoor applications.


Nylon zippers: Nylon zippers are also durable, but may be more susceptible to wear and tear over time, especially in high-stress areas or heavy-duty applications. However, nylon zippers offer excellent flexibility and elasticity.


plastic zippers

The cost difference between resin zippers and nylon zippers

Resin zippers: Resin zippers are generally more expensive than nylon zippers due to the cost of the materials and manufacturing processes involved.


Nylon zippers: Nylon zippers are generally less expensive than resin zippers, making them a cost-effective choice for various applications.


Resin and nylon zippers differ in material composition, construction methods, durability levels, weather resistance, and cost. The choice between resin and nylon zippers depends on factors such as the intended application, environmental conditions, durability requirements, and budgetary considerations.


Resin zippers are more suitable for applications requiring greater strength and durability, while nylon zippers are more suitable for light-duty applications and applications where portability is required.