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How do I pick the right zipper for my garment based on the material?

Jan 03,2024 BSL

The teeth of the zipper is an important part of the zipper, what kind of material is used for the teeth determines the shape and basic state of the zipper, especially the softness and feel, which also directly affects the compatibility of the zipper with the garment as well as the degree of aesthetics.

1.Plastic steel zipper

Plastic steel zipper teeth are characterized by roughness and simplicity, tough texture, abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, colorful and colorful, and the zipper is applicable to a wide range of temperatures. In addition, because the teeth of the teeth of the chain has a large surface area, it is conducive to inlaying artificial diamonds or gemstones on the plane of the teeth of the chain, so that the zipper is more aesthetic and increases the added value, and it becomes a kind of practical crafts and decorative products. The disadvantages also lie in the block structure of the chain teeth, the teeth are large, the softness is not enough, there is a sense of roughness and astringency, and the lightness and smoothness of the zipper is slightly inferior to other categories of zippers of the same type, which makes the injection molded zippers subject to certain limitations on the scope of use. However, since the price of injection molded zipper is relatively moderate, it is used in larger quantities.

The scope of application of plastic zippers is more suitable for jackets according to its characteristics. Such as jackets, ski fir, down jacket, children's clothing, work clothes, army training uniforms and other clothing with thicker fabrics.

Plastic steel zipper

2. Nylon zipper

Nylon zipper is characterized by soft teeth, smooth surface, bright and colorful. Nylon zipper is characterized by soft chain teeth, smooth surface, bright and colorful color, light and smooth pulling, firm engagement, and various varieties, and its outstanding features are lightweight, thin chain teeth and flexible. In addition, the production efficiency of nylon zipper is high, the price of raw materials is low, so its production cost is relatively low, and there is a competitive advantage in the sales price of zipper products. In recent years, the new technology of gold-plating and silver-plating on the teeth of nylon zipper is widely used, which increases the decorative properties of the zipper. High-grade apparel fabrics tend to be thin, and need thin zippers to match with them, because of the lightweight characteristics of nylon zippers, which meets the demand for thin apparel fabrics.

Nylon zippers are widely used in all kinds of garments and bags, especially for underwear and thin fabrics of high-grade garments, as well as women's skirts and pants. Due to the flexible characteristics of nylon zipper, it is used in a large number of removable types of long and short outerwear, leather jackets, such as the connection of the lining. Invisible zipper and double-bone zipper are the preferred accessories for women's skirts and pants. Woven zipper is the best accessory for high-grade pants because there is no core wire to make the teeth of the chain thinner and lighter, and it will not make the pants' placket arched.

3. Metal Zipper

Copper zipper is a noble one among metal zippers, which is characterized by strong durability, light and smooth pulling, roughness and dashing, and it is especially compatible with denim clothing. The disadvantage is that the surface of the teeth is hard, not soft to the touch, and the post-processing is not good enough to scratch the user's skin easily. Due to the high price of raw materials, the sales price of this zipper is also higher than that of the other categories of zippers. Compared with copper zipper of the same type, the strong performance of aluminum alloy zipper is slightly worse, but it can achieve the decorative effect of imitation copper and multi-color after surface treatment, and the price of raw materials is lower, so its cost has a certain competitive advantage.

Copper zippers are mainly used in high-grade jackets, leather jackets, ski jackets, down jackets, jeans and so on. Aluminum zippers are mainly used for medium and low grade jackets, jeans, casual wear, children's wear and so on.