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Baoxin Zipper’s Mission

Jan 03,2024 BSL

Clothing designers apply the unique features of zippers in clothing design to play its role of emphasizing the shape-changing function of lines and conveying different emotions. The role of zipper combines decorative function and practical function, and zippers come in a variety of shapes and materials. Zipper is a good material for fashion designers to utilize their talents.

Classification of zippers

Nowadays, there are more than 30 kinds of zippers with different specifications of width, length, sliding head, automatic, and can be moved back and forth.

Classification of materials

Nylon zipper - light, soft, smooth and colorful. The teeth of the chain are thin, and the windability is good. Nylon zipper is widely used in all kinds of garments and bags, especially in underwear and thin fabrics of high-grade clothing.

Resin zipper- The material is tough, more resistant to abrasion and corrosion, and the main feature is that it is applicable to a wide range of temperatures. It is suitable for all kinds of sportswear.

Metal zippers- strong fastness, durable, but the disadvantage of the teeth of the chain is easier to fall off or shift than other categories of zippers. Suitable for jeans, bags, etc.

Braided zipper-soft, good toughness. It is the first choice for high-grade western-style pants.

Classification of structure

Closed-end zipper - The lower end of the zipper teeth, equipped with a tight locking piece, is fixed and can only be pulled open from the upper end. Most of these zippers are used in ordinary bags.

Open end type zipper - the lower end of the teeth of the zipper is not equipped with locking parts, the slider is pulled by the locking parts, and the teeth can be separated when the locking parts are separated. This kind of zipper is widely used in garments and some objects that need to be opened from time to time.

Double open-end zipper - The head and tail are both equipped with sliders, which are convenient to be opened or closed from either end. This type of zipper is very suitable for large bags, quilts and tents.

Invisible zippers - that is, after sewing, the teeth of the zipper are hidden and invisible. The use of it can make the finished garment look more beautiful, and when wearing it, people also feel more fit and comfortable.

Role of Zipper
The role of zipper in clothing design, mainly used to connect and fix the clothes cut pieces, and buttons, groove tabs have a similar role, but different from them. If the buttons focus on highlighting the effect of the point in terms of aesthetics, the zipper will emphasize the meaning of the line, giving people a smooth feeling. Zipper can be completed quickly and firmly at the moment of putting on and taking off clothes, which can meet the psychological requirements of people pursuing ease, casualness, convenience and safety in modern life. Buttons can only play the role of fixing a point when connecting clothing cuttings, and can not be completely closed, and there will be a gap between them. If the wearer needs to wear it under the condition of closing the body, such as working in dusty environment, zipper can play a good closure. Zippers can be completed quickly when putting on or taking off clothes, which meets the rhythm of fast speed and high efficiency of wearing clothes under some special conditions, so zippers are usually applied more in sportswear, workwear, casual wear and daily casual wear.

Requirements and characteristics of garment zipper

Garments with zippers should meet the following requirements and have certain characteristics.

Convenience and simplicity - Since the use of zippers is easy to operate, it can meet the needs of people's accelerated pace of life. The use of zippers in military uniforms can meet the needs of the soldiers.

Safe and tight - some work uniforms use buttons on the body can not play a closed role, there are hidden safety hazards, easy to cause workplace accidents. The use of zippers in the pockets of clothes can make the contents not easy to lose. The use of zippers in winter clothing can play a tight, warm effect.

Flexibility of change-Modern lifestyle is diversified and complicated, and people's mentality of seeking for new and different is increasing. The clever use of double open-tail zipper can make the clothing wear diversified and personalized, and some parts can be disassembled freely, resulting in changes in styles.

Integration - Some garments need to be opened for wearing and taking off in the design, and the use of invisible zippers can make the garments more coordinated as a whole. For women's skirts and dresses, soft and smooth invisible zippers make the garments more smooth and complete, so that the beauty of women's curves is perfectly presented.

Competence, sense of power - zipper unique charm of straight line modeling, used in clothing to give people a sense of numbness and competence. It is more prominent than the straight line feeling and can play a strong decorative role. Zipper sewing in the effect of more upright fabric, its straight line feeling is more prominent. Clothing due to the zipper embellishment, more can reflect the powerful male rigid, hard and straight intensity. Because the change of line is very important in the design of clothing style, the structure of the zipper itself has the visual characteristics of the rough and bold line, so the use of zipper to show the line of the design has long been the focus of attention of designers in clothing design. In order to emphasize the personalized style of clothing and enrich the design language, zippers are often applied to the position of clothing segmentation lines and splicing lines, and are cleverly used in the provincial roads, splicing of cut pieces, pockets, Yukes segmentation, front placket and other positions to enhance the visual aesthetic effect.

Casualness and Comfort - After a tense work, wearing jackets made with zippers has a convenient, casual and comfortable feeling.

Rhythm - The straight line shape of zipper and other connecting lines in the garment, its length and direction of the different arrangements and combinations, forming a sense of rhythm, so that the garment to increase the charm.

Innovation of zipper

In order to adapt to the changes in today's garment market and to meet the demand for special functions, zipper manufacturers have carried out development and innovation, producing and designing highly personalized fashion products, such as: fireproof zippers, waterproof zippers, etc. Special technical techniques are used to process the zippers so that they are waterproof and fireproof, which are used for the needs of special operating garments. Zipper products are constantly enriched and are also developing rapidly in many fields such as home textile products, bags, shoes and sporting goods. In the next few years, environmentally friendly zippers will become the trend. With the new environmental protection directives coming out frequently in foreign markets, the three low environmental protection zippers, namely "low pollution, low energy consumption and low carbon", will be vigorously developed.